The Lights Found Their Way To My Body I Kundalini Awakening

By Barbara Christensen - 7:53 PM

The Lights Found Their Way To My Body

What I can say was perhaps my first full experience of acknowledgment of the kundalini experience happened during the pandemic. I believe I had been tapping into it since a teen, and more when I started my Reiki practice. I have had fatigue since 2016, and after this it became extreme. So when I was reading Krishna's experience and exploring this aspect in my college course about the charge and discharge effects of the kundalini, it makes sense.

Krishna Gupta says, “For weeks I wrestled with the mental gloom caused by my abnormal condition, growing more dependent each day. My face became pale and my body thin and weak.”

As I started working in the kundalini while I was already struggling with a hyperaware system and fatigue, yes I am probably dealing with a disordered system, that I would have been feeling in the way I was. We talked about preference, and my hyper system was seeking then charge, but it trashed me. I didn't start therapy until almost two years ago.

Still, what I consider my first full kundalini experience was the most amazing energy I have ever experienced. It was part swimming, part ecstasy, part chaos, part demonic, part angelic, part stardust, part collapsing stars and all combined into this rush of light energy. I wrote about a lot in my book about my shamanic training. During my training we were delving into a space that I believe was activating the kundalini. I was sitting with Mother Spider and a storm came, and it was dark. The storm tried to take me, but I was not going to leave this time until I saw those lights. I had seen these lights that I called the Aurora Borealis because of the similarities of colors during my very first shamanic session when I met Mother Spider, my guide. Eventually the first lights of the night started with this beautiful variation of greens in an auric flow. I was calm, smooth, and light. 

Then the white lights came in and for a minute I thought that I was struck by lightning. This energy swooped me up into the lights and I felt loved through every lifetime, every existence, every reality and every dimension that my soul had moved through over time and space.

Of course I wanted that because my childhood was traumatic at best. The kundalini work depleted me so badly that I felt depleted. Very similar to how I feel with the anemia I have been processing.  I finally went through several months of iron infusions this Summer/Fall (seven total) because I had dropped to almost no iron stores. I can wonder if the inability to rise was affected after my awakening.

I find now that only when I sit in the more discharged state of mindfulness meditation does it impact me negatively. This is something I am working on because I do feel it has to do with my physical body. But when I do the style of meditation that I learned in my practice when I connected to kundalini I feel a deep wholeness for hours or days that I don't experience outside of that practice. Currently when I tap into it, the lights are like separate atoms that come through me and become me like the misty rain in Seattle in the winter.

When I met the Kundalini frequencies was with the fifth dimensional divine masculine energy. Having an aurora of energy within was so incredibly cleansing and it cleared out the dark matter that was in my sacral chakra, completely aligning my kundalini planes, meridians, clearing my aura and balancing my chakra centers. I was a complete empty space of nothing but atomic energy. I was told that this is the Divine Union, and I still wait to see if that is true if I ever experience that in this 3D existence. 

In 'From The Diary of Woo' I channeled "

"The flute is the energy canal to the kundalini channel. If you play it, what you seek will show up in some way even if it later after you have gone in and journeyed. The flute is a sacred sound of love. It allows a masculine to share their love without saying it. It allows the mind to see the spiritual winds. The flute requires breath to play, and air is precious to all of us, humans, animals, trees. Wind connects the earth to the sky, and transports the seeds of life around the globe. Even in Aztecian mythology it was the first sound of the creator hurling the mountain that broke his silence to create the world and human beings. So you must use breath work to come into this sacred space. No shallow breathing here, but instead breathe deeply in and out. Don’t hold it in, because that implies an end and this is a flowing cycle of energy." 

Are you working through a kundalini awakening? What has been your experience?

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