I Am Fire

By Barbara Christensen - 7:10 AM

I Am Fire

I had a realization that I turned a huge corner in how I receive masculine energies when I recently was really turned off by the more toxic clinging masculine energy which used to make me feel loved and desired. The true masculine freely lives between clingy and manipulation. It has a similar frequency to possession without the underlying control. Wanting your energy to be near without holding it back. Wanting to listen and guide without an agenda. 

This Solstice brings with it a fire that is already waiting within you. 

For those going into the Summer Solstice, ancient cultures once would gather around sacred fires to reflect on the sun's power. The element of fire is associated with the sun's masculine energy, which can ignite passions, fuel energy, and offer protection. Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic people would light bonfires to strengthen the sun for the rest of the crop season and ensure a healthy harvest. Some say the summer solstice can also represent new beginnings, inner power, and creativity. Citrine recommends a sun meditation to help you project positive vibes. You can also gather fresh herbs and flowers with medicinal properties. Using these in ritual helps you become mlre rooted in fertility, or if desired, dating. You can hang the bunches in your  doorway or leave them in water overnight to use as a medicinal aids in the morning. Make sure to infuse your intentions into the creation. 

For those going into the Winter Solstice, this time serve as a reminder of life's cyclical nature, as the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky and night envelops the day. Some rituals associated with the winter solstice are simple to perform. You can sit with a candle flame at eye level and gazing directly into it can help summon inner light. If you're looking to start your growth towards Spring, a crystal ritual can help initiate rebirth energy and shine inner light on dream seeds. Use red, orange, and yellow crystals to engage the implementation of lower chakras to bring the seed down into the earth to sprout over the winter in the womb of Mother Earth. And of course you can always reflect  on the past season to acknowledging growth, resilience, and strength, and letting go of what doesn't serve you from the old harvest to compost for the new you. 

I am fire, new beginnings, passion, creation... and I am waiting for what the celebration brings.

Barbara Christensen Author Energy Worker

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