Lilith Swiftly Changes & Refuses Cyanide

By Barbara Christensen - 10:58 PM

Lilith Swiftly Changes

My deep #Lilith today screams abundance and change, abundance and change!! (Double Gemini) 

Today this is both Taurian energy and Virgo. How do you embody the Divine Masculine archetype of the Lover within the Heirophant? It's a higher love that requires more than just awareness to bring you into your wholeness. Requires ascension to embrace wholeness. 

This Journey of Silence can only begin when the soul trusts Being to take care of things. It allows the soul to drop into deep mysteries hidden beneath perception, which outside of deep meditation and moments of deep pain I only experience in simple terms in nature. I can understand why these different dimensions of silence and stillness are revealed more easily in this state. It also thought about how our Journey of Wholeness interpenetrates with the Journey of Silence, revealing aspects of wholeness and fulfillment. 

When pondering this I saw for a moment in my trees the Vitruvian Man, who represents the ancient knowledge of ratios and proportions present in human anatomy and seems very fitting for the understanding of this process. Do I trust and respect this part of myself? Carrying this as your contemplative practice may stoke the flames of your heart 💙 

The struggle we/I have to heal the inner child is the reminder of the times you fed us cyanide. The poison that taught us that we are unworthy of the love we desired, based on the deep fears and the deep arrogance of being the center rather a part of the wholeness. 

It's so hard to love someone who doesn't love you back. 

When you feel so lonely, crave physical touch and companionship, and yet all you have is an empty space in your heart and your space. 

We are social creatures, which is programmed into our genetics. Even if you enjoy time alone, you require the qualities of being, believing, benevolence, and belonging (according to Dr. Saul Levine), so without belonging, you have a higher level of anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and more. 

Eventually you have to choose ... and it is all a choice. 

To stay alone and hurt, or find a way forward to find a different kind of love. 

No one knows what the lonely people are thinking inside.... but I promise the smile on their face is likely a lie. 

But I know that they don't hold blame for being unloved, at least not to the one they love.... because, in part, they don't actually love themselves. Being unlovable is part of who they believe they are. 

This wounded child that shall grow into the relationships where it loses the ability to unravel the inner clinging to the inanimate Anima. 

Why is today such an important transit?? 

Jupiter and his brothers and sisters fought against Saturn, who had killed their own father, Uranus.  Jupiter wins becoming God, and we have the Spiritual energies of Uranus God and the Embodiment of the Living Jupiter God working as one. Becoming one with these parts of yourself that were once killed by other parts of yourself is hard and important work. 

Again, I looked out the window and saw my inner child being shoved under the water, clinging to my mother. I sobbed for my own. FATHER/GOD who had been killed from my experience, and how greatly I needed him to protect me. The work now is to let that part of him come home in spirit to bring the safety that my heart needs to find the balance to allow myself love that doesn't come with cyanide. Refuse cyanide, because I can no longer let that be the type of death I experience with you. I require the death that is of oneness, duality, into the nondual Being. I only create space for wholeness to live and for wholeness to die. 

This is the moment for Lilith. 

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