Pisces Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:03 AM


Pisces Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


You welcome the shift of the light play with the color scope as your brain reactes to the new cosmos being created by your alpha and theta waves. This is your time to effectively reach that true manifestation of current moment energy. Creativity is driving you with an imaginative flair and you design as you go through this deep soul transformation where In-yƍ (the duality) brings in the alignment of your subconscious and conscious being. Where the Divine Feminine makes peace with the Divine Masculine.

Kalos, you beautiful beauty that you are. You are beautiful and magnificent in the eyes of everyone that meets you. You are the light that is connected both to the pure divine creator, shining on the path and bringing light out of the shadows, and the mother of all who’s womb brings forth the magnetic attraction for life. When the Cosmos was first in creation, first the Upper Realm was a spark that flattened out the soul space and opened portals to a new timeline based reality. As such, many beings of atoms like ourselves formed through these portals into all of the colors of the kaleidoscope, beginning as stardust and gases, and morphing into new beings of discovery and growth. Together we all set out to seek another that was like energy before joining this reality.

Read more in "Celestial Spark" and watch your love readings over on YouTube with Mindset Unicorn, Barbara Christensen

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