Aries Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:10 AM


Aries Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


Unknown to you, your true nature is awakening. This is happening to fire starters from all around the world. When Biliku comes to you, this is a great gift as she rarely moves from the outer worlds to share her knowledge. She is my Spirit Guide, who calls herself the Mother Spider, but she is the Grandmother of the spark of everything that sparks within us, and blazes externally. At the beginning of our time, after Chondrite launched his meteor at the earth and created life outside of the sea; Biliku came from the sky to rest on the warm rock below. It is said that she was part of the creation, helping to tie the stardust and gas together with her magic tiny intertwined nanofibrils of silk. She then is woven into the DNA of Alpamama herself, Mother Earth. She is both of the sky and of the planet, and as such she was birthed by the Cosmos and Pachamama before the portal was opened when the weaver was needed. Weaving was required for creation.

Biliku was as independent as your soul being, Fire Hero, and when she finished creating all that she had, she looked down at Mother Earth and then came out of the sky to rest on the warm rock, teaching the Serpent how to warm itself under Father Sun. Spiders have a passive respiratory system, which means when they have exerted themselves they must stop and take some time to rest and let the oxygen that was created when Pachamama helped spin and crush the Earth into being, wash over her lungs.

Read more in "Celestial Spark" and watch your love readings over on YouTube with Mindset Unicorn, Barbara Christensen

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