A question... friend to friend... it's just us...

By Barbara Christensen - 7:54 PM


A question... friend to friend... it's just us... I Mindset Unicorn

Zodiac Signs,

I have a question for you to think about. You don't have to answer it, but it is something that requires a story, but is a very simple question. Don't put too much into it.... It's just you and me, sitting having a beer. We're having a wonderful conversation and so I ask you this question. Think of the question in the tone of me with a smile on my face, sitting across from you with a smile on your face, just asking a question. The question is - so you've given me a dollar, what do you want in return? I know, weird question but let me share how it was given to me by my Spirit Guides.

You walk into a store with $1 and you want an apple. All of the produce is behind the counter. It is an interaction, just like the conversation we are having while drinking a beer. You look across the table at me and you say, "Here's a dollar, I'd like an apple." I understand that what you have asked me for is an apple, so I give you an apple and both parties are satisfied that the transaction was carried out successfully.

Now you walk into a store with $1 and you want an apple. All of the produce is behind the counter. You put the dollar down on the counter - it is an interaction. So think about our conversation, and you look at me, smile and put a dollar on the table but that's it. So there is no understanding what you want in return. In the store the cashier would start searching for some sort of an idea of what you want. The cashier may hand you and apple and you'll be satisfied with getting what you came for. You may come in for an apple every day, and they know exactly what you want.

But when the cashier doesn't have that every day interacting with you, they may hand you shoes thinking you need new shoes because your boots are dirty from walking through the mud. Or the cashier may hand you an orange because they love oranges. The cashier may hand you four quarters thinking you are seeking change. The cashier may be very intuitive and you've been thinking about a date and think you're hitting on her/him because in the back of your mind you are mentally preparing for what is coming next in your day. 

Now back at the table I look at that dollar you've sat down during our conversation and think it's a tip and you're ready to head out, what do you think when I get up and leave, and you are left hanging? Or I may wonder if you want me to go buy you a beer, but then feel stupid and just sit there saying nothing until my phone rings and I say I have to take this and tune out of the conversation ... this is where a void of intention creates holes and can pull a person into their head. This is where ideas are created from our own personal experience rather than from the interactive engagement with another person. This is where we find ourselves focused in on blockages to our own movement because we can't move past the fixation on that dollar bill.

Zodiac Signs Love Communication Problems

Back to the question. We are sitting here having a drink and you give me a dollar (a comment, a text, a smile across the table as you take a drink of your beer), what is the intention for what you want in return? I can give you an apple, some quarters, shoes, an orange, two bathroom keys, buy myself a drink, think that it's time to go because maybe that's just a tip and you're ready to move on. The fact is if you only want an apple, both my inner child and my higher self do not want to try to give you more than an apple. First off because my higher self knows where that may lead me to in blocking my soul purpose. Now my inner child doesn't want to give you the wrong item because "fill in the blank". Yes, we all have our healing that is hiding in the shadows. 

It gets even more complex when the person on the other side of the table is someone you have real feelings for. You may want to give them everything - and yet hold everything back because there is a void. Visa versa - as I say, roles can be reversed or there can be unrequited love at play. Almost every single day a reading brings up the energy of the unsaid. I see the communication that someone may feel "doesn't need to be said" (they should know how I feel/I don't want to be the first one to say it), the conversation that is never "the right timing" to be said, or the intention that is felt cannot be said (I'm not interested in you that way/I want you but I can't want you). This is all very important to share because without intention, without clarification, the conversation we are having at the table may end up being a singular divine wished event that never happens again. I can lead to hurt feelings, missed opportunities, repeated cycles, or worse.

Yes, intentional conversations sometimes create a time of separation when it stings and healing is required. However, it is always better to know, than to not know - and it is always better to clear out the throat chakra than to let it block the access of the upper connections from the heart. Don't let your soul purpose or your passions in life get blocked by not asking for the apple.

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