The Power In Taking Charge & Initiating Choice

By Barbara Christensen - 11:08 AM

The Power In Taking Charge & Initiating Choice

Owning our actions can help you create the targets you desire. The idea of this probably sounds appealing to you, but you're probably unsure of how to get started on transforming your mindset. That's okay. Today, I want to take some time to point you in the right direction toward taking charge and initiating change in your life. It just takes some practice and dedication on your part. Let's look at some ways to get started.

Moving past a space where you find comfort in the ruts will be easier once you realize what's at the root of your emotions. This step is important and requires brutal honesty with yourself. Usually, people's complaints have a root cause or problem, and it isn't theirs. You usually have to go beyond the surface of the emotion to get there. For example, if you find yourself in a cycle that has to do with the bad ways people treat you, chances are good that you may have some underlying feelings about yourself and your worth at play here. When you feel that you are only worthy of being treated poorly, you will start projecting those feelings onto others. It could also be that your expectations are unrealistic or that you are doing something to turn people off by not addressing your elephant in the room. Identifying the cause of your emotions is necessary if you hope to move past them.

Once you've come up with some ideas regarding the true reasons behind how you feel, it's time to figure out what you want instead. Are you asking for unrealistic expectations, or are you not even sure of what comes next? This is where writing down some questions, using some energy modalities to unstick the implants and to send energy back to the person who seems to be the source (with contributions) of it can be everything you need in this moment. 

After taking the time for some self-assessment and planning, it's time to change your attitude and move forward. You're probably feeling better now that you've put things into perspective and have a more realistic picture of the situation. It's empowering to take control of your responses. You now have the ability to decide how to proactively handle these situations, and to protect yourself in the future.

There is nothing to move with when we are stuck in a never-ending loop of negativity and discord. Use some time to unwind, question and visualize to determine what comes next.

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