The Personal Responsibility of Energy

By Barbara Christensen - 1:58 PM

The Personal Responsibility of Energy I Mindset Unicorn

We hear the phrase "personal responsibility" a lot these days. Sometimes it can have a negative connotation to it, but it certainly doesn't have to. Being personally responsible for yourself and your actions is actually an incredibly empowering decision. There are a lot of nuances to this concept, but I think it can definitely be applied to the idea of striving to become a more content person. Read on, and I'll show you what I mean.

Personal responsibility has a lot to do with deciding to be more positively aligned in your life. The amount of negativity directly affects your sense of contentment. There are tons of negative outcomes that go along with our daily choices. However, taking responsibility comes with all sorts of positive things. You'll feel more in control when you consciously decide to make a change. Personal responsibility involves owning your actions, avoiding the placement of blame and understanding the impact of your action.

When you find yourself being pulled into a negative energy space, particularly without having a choice, really is all about the stupidity we choose. These pointless energy drains put us in a position of loss and a space of lack. We give up control and think there's nothing we can do about the issue but whine and moan, and spin in the cycle we have bought as being truth. We also place the responsibility for a problem and the cause of our frustrations outside of ourselves. That's not how we change the energy of the situation at all.

Instead, we must learn to own our truth and take full personal responsibility for our energy space. When we're frustrated by something enough to want to complain about it, we need to decide whether making the complaint is worth the next action it will bring into our life path. When we consciously take ownership we open ourselves up to question the universe. We also open ourselves up to a different possibility. How much better does that seem rather than being stuck with things you can't change?

Keep these tips in mind when you feel that pull. Choosing to own your option rather than to mindlessly spin will bring you much more power and control. This is definitely a case in which personal responsibility is beneficial. I find that sometimes using something physically altering, along with stating the physical question is what opens up a new choice. That may be oracle cards, aromatherapy, supplementation, nutrition, even just a hug. What you bring into disrupt the energy can be as important as the question.

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