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By Barbara Christensen - 5:26 PM
How do you know if your partnership company is a big fat scam? 💩 If your company requires a personal minimum purchase in order to make a commission off your retail sales... Scam. 💩 If your company has a large built in recruiting bonus which is unattainable without pressuring your downline into large monthly personal purchases....Scam. 💩 If your company changes the compensation plan because they have too many new distributors and not enough new sales to keep up... Scam. 💩 If your company was started by someone that either left another company and brought their entire team with them or is a chronic company founder...Scam. 💩 If your company holds your monthly retail earnings if you haven't sold to enough new customers...Scam!! 💩 How do you know if your company is amazing? If you enroll at an affordable price and then get paid for any retail sales regardless of if you have made a purchase or not.... Amazing! 🌈 Your company has been doing the same thing for forty years and has no interest in reinventing toilet paper... Amazing! 🌈 Your company has an easy to understand compensation plan....Amazing.!! 🌈 Think of it this way. If you open a store you pay your opening fees. You sell a product, and you earn some income. That's how it should work. Go to #Netflix. Watch Betting On Zero. If you've joined a company that sounds anything like 🏃 I feel blessed because a couple years ago I realized I was in one of "those" scams and started looking for an exit strategy, and stopped recruiting. I have run far from that type of"business" model and love where my calling has taken me! ❤ #directsalesovernetworkmarketing #bossbabe #runfromthebinary #pyramidsfail #mompreneur
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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