Cold Pressed Enlightenment

By Barbara Christensen - 3:35 PM

Cold Pressed Enlightenment I Seattle Freeze

Something very cool happened when I was jamming out waiting for my husband in Seattle and thinking ahead to the 4th celebration without my family for the first time in many years. I was enlightened ... A big giant a-ha reached out that actually elevated my perspective and made me want to reach out and give those I care about a little nudge, and tell you to give up on what’s not working in our lives.
What? Am I telling you to throw in the towel? Give up your dreams? Call it quits? In the last year I have witnessed some key things that made me serious about unplugging from the negative connections in my life. YES! Making way for something more! So I want you to say you'll quit. I said it! I want you to realize that what we think we know, maybe isn’t knowledge. It may be just what is comfortable (no matter how it makes us feel.)
So here is what I wanted to share, you can define fulfillment differently starting right now. You don’t have to be better than the other moms. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to keep anything negative around. I mean ANYTHING! If it’s not working then give it up, just like that. Today I realized that quitting is a form of enlightenment and it opens the door for opportunities we may have overlooked. I have more hustle in my step today because I am connected to my inner being and that means in business, in self development and in nutrition in a way that I can hardly explain. There is a difference between getting by and getting more. The non-gmo, whole food system I starting using opened up something in me. It may seem small and insignificant but I gave up misery because you can’t nourish and harvest misery. It just doesn’t work. I gave up fillers, because you can’t fill your soul up with chemicals.
I hear this time and again, “If I just hang in there longer… Maybe it’s just me... I will get back to it this Summer... If I wasn’t so tired all the time... I am just too emotionally drained... If I just didn’t have X, Y and Z. . Truth speak – it ain’t workin’. You’re brilliant and ready to MOVE on.
Indicators that it's time to quit and move on:
  1. “It sucks” is your mantra (and it’s enveloped your job, your relationship, your lunch.)
  2. You just move through the day like a zombie even though it all feels wrong.
  3. Sunday night anxiety (dreading the Monday morning J.O.B.)
  4. Hanging onto every penny (yes, the universe gives and takes based on the energy you assign to your cash flow.)
  5. A complete absence of synchronicity in mind, body and spirit.
  6. Finding that you’re sick more than you’re well.
  7. Realizing that following the herd isn’t leading you anywhere.

The truth is staring you in the face and we just pass over it because of that sense of duty, and our ego, and big FAT FEAR! I am telling you that really feeling some honest wellness is a change, a sensation, and it requires a increased sensitivity to our signals and surroundings – and to those around us. Even more it takes the courage to punch, shout and connect with the positive energy of our life and let go of the rest.
Don’t worry about the how ... just start caring for yourself and get brutally honest about what you’ve been doing to yourself because that is where we all start.
All of this emotion for me came to a head this year when I realized that life wasn't working. I realized that my so-called relationships were not working. I guess that is why knowing that our family wasn't going to be here this year sparked my emotions. When I say make traditions with your family because it matters, it really does leave an impact.
I realized that those negative spaces in my life really reignite so many stored up emotions and pain that is spun me back into old habits and lots of negative self talk. If you live in the Seattle area but didn't grow up here, you understand the Seattle Freeze. We've all been there. Yet change allowed me to finally come out it, that space of loneliness, and I had to share because I feel amazing and I know much of it comes down to the simple choices like making real connections, getting real food and holistic supplements. 
What if tomorrow you were at a fork in the road? I had to make those HUGE changes in my diet this year because of hormone changes, and I felt all the pain of physical and emotional withdrawal of letting go of the self sabotaging foods, or the lack of. You might not be going through the same thing I did, but I don't want you to suffer to get healthier. I want you to start with letting go of what you think you KNOW and give something different a chance. Give people a chance to engage in your life. I know when I take these little capsules it’s doing something pretty big. I really feel the difference. I know without them I would have been sick throughout our first real holiday season with all the stress I had. My girls love the chewables too and they get them for free!  
Beyond that the Shred10 program, wow! It has given me this once monthly lifestyle change for optimal health. It's also connected me to some of the most amazing Boss Babes ever!! It’s the seeds I plant to grow and feed my DNA - in all areas. It gives me simple choices which makes it easier to rewire my heart so I can have the inner strength to quit what doesn’t work and open my heart for the real passions in life. I am feeling creativity, and so many new emotions and building connections with soul sisters all because I let go of my judgement and I took a leap.
Quit with me! Get healthy starting from the inside out .. for real. Join me,

Let’s spark that fire together!

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