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By Barbara Christensen - 7:37 AM
The US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has recently reported on underconsumed #nutrients—most vitamins (C, A, B, D, E) and minerals such as calcium, #magnesium and potassium, with 45%, 50% and 97%, respectively, of population not being at required levels! Therefore, #supplementation with nutrients is of the essence. Even if yourr diet is rich and diverse. That's why we all have to use densely nutritious #plantbased supplements. When you choose a product it must start with whole food. When you juice the whole fruit or vegetable, including peels, leaves and seeds, and whenever possible harvest when the plants have the greatest amount of nutrients...That's the type of supplements you need. I personally use the trio of encapsulated foods and recommend them to my friends and clients from How do you supplement? #wholefoods #vegan #healthy
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