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By Barbara Christensen - 1:47 PM
Emotions of blame are very likely to encompass several other emotions including guilt, shame, fear and anger. I talked about fear the other day and using Cedarwood to help clear the negative self-talk. Fear often is associated with abandonment or being socially pushed out, but also with being accused of something, or receiving punishment. However shame and guilt are the ones usually deep rooted in emotions associated with blame. The individual feels responsible for what they've been through, they feel like they committed the act even if it was committed against them. They also feel bad about what they've done even if they had no control over the situation. Almost always perpetrator has made them feel ashamed. Anxiety connected to an inner reaction to those emotions can cause us to hold on deeply to that which we don't need.Our response to the emotion can happen so quickly that it feels like a physical reaction. Are you hanging onto things you don't need to? Are you refusing to release this? What oil do you think you'd use? It's on the blog... #essentialoils #LifeEssentially #aroma #emotional #healing
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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