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By Barbara Christensen - 2:58 PM
I don't care what your age is...#rollerskating around in circles listening to awesome 80's music will make all things right with the world. That's what owning my own life gives me. It wasn't always that way. Let me give some of you a little back story. In early 2001 I started working with a company in the Seattle area that ended up as a operational manager position - which I loved but meant 70 hour work weeks often. When I left the company after we sold out to another organization, the VP called the head of another company and "personally asked" for him to not hire me. I probably should have sued, but I didn't. Next organization was a disaster of an organization that refused to listen to my experience on Gross Margins, etc, and I left shortly before they filed for bankruptcy, although all of the stores that followed my training and lead had stayed profitable up to the end. Final company before I went to work for myself was in San Diego. The CEO asked me once if I was a groupie.... not kidding. Finally he went to far with his derogatory attitude regarding women and I gave notice and went into website design and business coaching two weeks later. There is more to life than being part of something that sucks the life out of you. I have never looked back on working the 9 - 5 job. I've added on life coaching, personal training, business training, nutritional and wellness coaching and aromatherapy in my holistic practice ... mom, vacationer {often}, wife and Dave Ramsey enthusiast!! When we get the house paid off believe me that you'll know. I know how people want to be treated, and that's something that has to happen in order to be successful at any business! You need to treat your customers well. You need to treat your team well. You need to be less focused on your own needs. Serve others. Many companies have missed the boat on this, and so I'm thrilled when I can connect people with a company that does take care of their customers as well as their team. If you are looking for a ground floor opportunity ... any company can offer that because it's new for you. Taking back the control in life is scary... But serve and live your purpose!!! ❤ #onelife
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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