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By Barbara Christensen - 2:59 PM
Yes...Even just a few hours twice a week thinking about letting my daughter be elsewhere has me feeling very out of my comfort zone. And this kiddo was ready to start this program we toured today...yesterday. That's how excited she was thinking about the science class, the drama class, the new friends. It is a reminder that it is easy to get into a comfortable place that's eventually going to be a growth stopper. Hard to realize we're creators of comfort from limiting beliefs. As well there this deeper level. I was a child that lived the Burden of Responsibility. I was not a child, but I was a child. My capacity is this addiction to help others and continue that responsibility but while keeping my child from feeling that burden. Yet as an excuse we choose a role in life to stop from moving forward on some bigger connections in our life...But that requires a responsibility to ourself. How can you be so responsive to others but not to yourself? It's how so many of us get into a place where we seek out a safe, comfortable space. This is how many of us fell into the struggle of diet because of the Burden of Responsibility? It's hard, right? And we can be drawn to life roles that continue that Burden of Responsibility for others. Parenting is often another place we find that place of duality, comfort and burden... Yet when it comes to ourselves, to dealing with the truth of living and being a part of something bigger we internally have a fight. How many times does that fight turn to food? No one is going to tell you how to treat your food. You're in control of the food... But really you're out of control big time! So what does this have to do with this? I believe we're allowing ourselves to be taken care of every time we reach for nutrition. Every time you take your capsules, drink a shake, grab a carrot because it feels right. Self care is freeing...So now: - ‘Let go and let God’ - Remember that we are not alone - Be open to inspiration and guidance - Remind yourself that “I AM Enough” - Practice Trusting that ‘All will unfold in Divine Order’ - Remember that “The Universe is Conspiring on My Behalf #believebig #truth
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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