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By Barbara Christensen - 8:27 AM
The real truth about the #Paleo diet is to find what works with your microbiota, your DNA, your lifestyle. When I bent #vegan during the 21 Day Kickstarrt after reading The Veganist I felt good ethically... but not digestively. When I decided to go #pegan ..Or #PaleoVegeo at that time there were no resources on how to do it...And no products to help. The hardest thing wasn't giving up cheese, it was giving up quinoa. My gut thanks me. Second hardest thing, bread. Another #guthealth win!! So is there one way we should all eat? Surely it's more plants... But the right plants for you. Find what works for you and run with it!! #wholefoods #nutrition #paleolithic #nutritionalpractitioner #truthseeker
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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