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By Barbara Christensen - 9:29 PM
When It Comes to #Sleep, Are You a Lion, Bear, Wolf, or Dolphin? My daughter is such a wolf. Forget early birds and night owls, says sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus. When it comes to sleep, there are “actually four different chronotypes: the early one, which I’m calling the lion; the middle, which is a bear; the late evening people, which are wolves; and then there are the insomniacs, which are dolphins.” If you figure out your type, you can better customize your morning routines, he says. Take wolves, who are energized in the late evening. In the morning, “walk over to the window and get some direct sunlight,” says Breus. “It turns out that direct sunlight hits very specialized cells in your eyes and turns that melatonin faucet off in the morning, which is the one of the big problems that wolves have because we’re not morning people. One of the other things I ask my wolves to do is take a cool, not cold but cool, shower in the morning. It turns out that hot water makes people feel sleepy. And if you’ve already got a sleepy wolf in the morning, you don’t want to make them any sleepier.” (CBS) #holisticlife #mamawholewellness #nitenite
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