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By Barbara Christensen - 7:59 PM
My little Oscar was just not feeling well this morning. Go figure that I ran out of his regular food and thought the #grainfree from Costco would be good enough. He was having major allergic intestinal discomfort and I beast worried we were heading for full Hge. He had the raspberry mucosal blood this morning and was obvious pain. I have him a little bone broth. Waited. He finally went outside. Then gave him a little more with a drop of peppermint essential oil and Alpha Meta (organic powdered rice). He calmed down and started acting better. Before I had to go to school I put a drop of diluted Frankincense on him. He was like a two year younger doggy when I came home. I fed him some raw food with the same grouping from this morning mixed in tonight and he's a super happy camper. I love this little #doxie boy and glad to see we stopped something bad before things got worse. Life wouldn't be the same without him. And he's super fearful of vets so I am glad we didn't have to take that trip today. #dachshundsofinstagram #mommylife #laweenie #mylittlebug #furbaby
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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