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By Barbara Christensen - 12:13 PM
Part of what I added into my daily routine to help support my body so that it can do the things it needs to for healthy #cholesterol was this brilliant group. I make a #turmeric and #ginger tea and add the #monounsaturated rich #vegan algae oil. I drink filtered water and added a detoxification, trace mineral, and soil based #probiotic tablet to that. I also read about the research studies using citrus #bergamot and so I use the capsule and the essential oil in my routine. Just a small bit of the supplements I added to my whole foods capsules and shakes for laser focused nutrition. Of course mybND added a cardio pack that included red yeast rice and Coenzyme q10 to what I was already doing. Of course then I changed up my macros... But more of that later. #naturalmom #healingenergy #mademetheclient #holisticpractice #puresoulfire #organic #clay
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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