The Struggle Against Cravings is Real I Metabolic Control

By Barbara Christensen - 1:30 PM

The Struggle Against Cravings

So you and I have been there with the issues of cravings, even when you really really want to be good and eat properly you can't. I am that person. I cannot even have sugar products in the house because I will eat them no matter what I do to avoid them. Research shows a difference in your DNA could mean that you are less sensitive to the taste of sugar. That means that you require sweeter and sweeter foods to get the fix that you desire — foods the average person would find way too sweet. And I completely understand that. It almost feels like there is never enough sweet for me, and that is why I have struggled with a meal plan that is low carb/low fruit/low fat. I need these essentials in order to keep away from the sugar-fest.

So the ability to have some key items that will help me from the Metabolic Support Daily Program is awesome. 

Start with the newer metabolic products. Appethyl™ Spinach Extract is amazing. It was discovered at Lund University, Sweden; 8 years of research and is exclusive to the  worldwide direct sales channel. It helps to slow down the fat digestion → appetite control helping give back that natural way to control your appetite.

Spinach is particularly rich in a nutrient called thylakoids that has clinically been shown to slow down the digestion and absorption of fats in order for the satiety mechanism in our body to do its job. When digestion is slowed down, a hormone in our gastrointestinal system called cholecystokinin (CCK) sends this signal to the brain letting us know we’re full. Regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, there is no such thing as a magic pill and nothing will compensate for a poor diet and little or no exercise, and so of course I'm working out. As a certified personal trainer I know just how important movement is to metabolism, digestion and overall wellness. All weight management systems must include real nutrition and a good exercise program to be an effective and sustainable lifestyle change. The metabolic program, gives you more tools to help you along your path.

This is available as Instant Mix and Snack Bars with 5 grams Appethyl™ (full clinical amount) and Solathin® (supports satiety*), and in the Instant Mix the Metabolic Essential Oil Blend.

The Instant Mix is taken with Breakfast or Lunch. Mix 1 Stick Pack with 4 0 8 oz water. Eat a meal containing some fat (min. 5 gram) as fat enhances the appetite suppression. I recommend 1/2 an avocado or a tsp of EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil).

So excited to see how this helps me, because this has been created a yoyo of life for me, and I am ready to stop the cycle. 

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