NOOOOOO... The Scream Heard On Thursday Night

By Barbara Christensen - 1:25 PM

Thursday Night

Several weeks ago I knew where things were heading on this show. I posted it to Facebook ... with a few nods to where we all knew our most beloved character on television was going. We knew it. And watching it today I was crying with the nation. Sounds dumb to a lot of people. But we believe that love is like a fairy tale. There is a happily ever after. When a writer does something because she can, because she wants to leave us with a shock factor instead of that fairy tale ending. Because the princess gets that kiss, that first kiss, like he described in the show. Not that first kiss that you ever had, but that first kiss, that real kiss, it should last forever. It should be old folks sitting on the porch rocking together.

My heart aches for all of us that in this day and age needed and watched for that love. Needed and watched for that happiness. And having it ripped from us, while this little girl from the accident pulled at our hearts was something I don't think any of us were ready for.

So now what about Thursday nights. I don't know what it means without Derek. Do you? We love Mere, and want to be there for her... but will it end up being too painful.

Shonda likes to do bangs. We've seen it before. Maybe this time it will be her last. Time will tell.

The Scream Heard On Thursday Night I Derek Shepard I Grey's Anatomy Death

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