Meditation and Lifelong Journeys

By Barbara Christensen - 9:43 AM

Meditation and Lifelong Journeys 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share, but I decided I had to share. This morning my meditation practice took me to such a beautiful place. Elevation Intuition!! I had a breakthrough. Sitting here, listening to my heart, tears rolling down my face!! It was amazing. I believe that we can all benefit from meditation in our day.

Study after study has shown a direct correlation between this practice of meditation and reduction of our gray matter in the amygdala, a region connected to anxiety. I have lived with anxiety for most of my life. In fact when I was in my early twenties Benedryl was my self-medication source because it calmed my breathing and helped me feel more at ease. I used it all the time for allergic reactions, and realized it did a lot for my anxiety. Of course I didn't realize what I was really doing to my body, and that meditation would have been a far better way to heal my feelings. Connecting with a beautiful source of energy. Beyond just alleviating stress, having a daily meditation practice can also promote productivity, boosts your mood, and fosters self-control.

Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie meditations is what has really turned the corner for me and my practice. I am connecting to my own ‪#‎spiritjunkie‬ inner being and finding some amazing energy!!!

If you want to learn more join author, motivational speaker, and spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein for her exciting weekly radio show, Spirit Junkie. Gabrielle is a new voice for a generation of people looking to make a connection to Spirit. Learn how to make deeper connections and explore your spirituality in a new way on Hay House Radio. I have found Gabby to be so amazingly connected to where I'm going.

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