Amazing Product - Ineffective Company - Body FX

By Barbara Christensen - 11:47 AM

Amazing Product - Ineffective Company - Body FX

What's really sad is when a product is amazing, and a company isn't. It's why I always recommend we have a funnel of products that we can offer our clients. You know I don't recommend a product unless it's really amazing, and so when Body FX's Don Bodenbach shared with me the research behind what I could already see where amazing products I was really thrilled to share the products. It's unfortunate that the company heads, the owners, were not as invested in being the best. The owner's wife was running challenges that I refused to let any of my people into because she was more or less starving these people to lose the weight that she wanted them to showcase, and was having them do far too many hours of workouts per day than is healthy for the endocrine system. I stopped promoting them, but I continued using the products but looking elsewhere for replacements because my fear was that the head of the company was steering us towards an iceberg... and I was not going to send my customers down on the Titanic.

Such a same. Don is amazing, and I'm glad that he didn't let go of his company, LifeFactor Research for this organization. There is a great article he wrote - - about his own journey into becoming a health and wellness expert... and it is very similar to my own story.

So that being said, I am officially no longer with Body FX - and it makes me really sad. I'm thankful I still have my essential oils, can't live without them. I have my fitness career, and have just moved on to greener grasses but I know that what I learned from Don was what I was meant to learn. I have no regrets because I am coming out of this a better person aimed with more knowledge on the items that mean the most to me. I also met some AMAZING people, and so I will continue to connect with them, and with those customers to support them in the best way possible.

So what I want to share today isn't necessarily a special or opportunity, because I believe that when you follow your heart and your passions you will find where you are meant to be. What I want to share is that if you are fearful of taking a chance because it may fail, then you are fearful of success. Success only comes to those that have failed again and again, and in truth that failure is the success. IT is what makes you who you are, it's what connects you to what you are meant to be. And if you are afraid because of what may happen... you'll never see anything happen... you'll just watch from the sidelines.

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