Why Meal Planning is So Important to Weight Loss

By Barbara Christensen - 2:15 PM

Why Meal Planning 

I often hear from clients that they just don't want to plan out their meals. I get so many different reasons why it won't work for them:
  • It takes too much time to prep your meals
  • There is not enough time to come home and make dinner. 
  • I don't like the way people look at my food at work. 
  • I like variety and my tastes change daily. 
  • I like to use coupons and just buy what is on sale that week. 
But it's funny that people do not realize that in reality, planning will give you back time in your life that you didn't ever realize that you had. When you can look at a calendar, or an app and know exactly what is on the plan, you will be more successful.
It's about more than just weight loss.... 

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