JNL Fusion - Day 9 Week Two - Ballistic Backside Much Needed Junk In the trunk!

By Barbara Christensen - 1:47 PM

JNL Fusion - Day 9 Week Two - Ballistic Backside

JNL Fusion - Day 9 Week Two Ballistic Backside Founding Coach Barbara CPTSo Last week ended with some amazing pushing towards that super core, and this week we are on fire!! Seriously. Last night was a super workout, followed up by today's JNL Fusion Ballistic Backside workout.

As a Certified Personal Trainer I like to ramp it up a bit with JNL Fusion and last night I was using the BOSU ball to get some extra umph into my push ups when I felt like there was no more umph to be had. BOOYAH!! Right?

Then today I was using the BOSU as I did the backside kicks, the leg lifts and the side burpees that was killer!! This wasn't your regular 6 circuit program today, heck no!! Was it a Lucky 7 workout... nope... we're talking 8 ... no joke. Eight strength / cardio circuits or pure body. Dowloading our assets for sure today!

Leg stretching for JNL Fusion - Day 9 

JNL Fusion Day 9 Stretching for your Ballistic Backside Founding Coach Barbara Christensen
After all of those lunges, squats, deadlifts, you have got to stretch it out. I also recommend you do a nice tri/bi stretch and a nice arm pull to the side for a shoulder stretch, and finally a few cow / cat yoga stretches for your back before you finish up.

As much as I am super in love with JNL Fusion I will admit that not everyone has the background of a personal trainer, or dancer, or chiropractor and knows how to end their workout. You have to stretch. It creates leaner muscle, it keeps you more flexible which is super important when you are aging, and it allows you to put more into your workout so that you do not have an injury that will take you out of commission when you are done. So keep pushing yourself, and get those glutes that salute - but get your stretch in so that we can push all the way through the next 7 weeks!!

LOVE ya!! ROCK on my JNL friends!!

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