Clearing Of The Stone

By Barbara Christensen - 7:10 AM


Clearing Of The Stone I Mindset Unicorn

When I started putting my altar together as I was learning the work and the tools of La Lilpia I was drawn to the river. Training as a modern day curandera, folk spiritual healer or shamanic practitioner,  I felt the call to the water. 

Over and over the idea of the water comes to me. The heart flowing,  the rushing cleansing energies they offer us to remove obstacles,  the space where we wade through what we have to in order to arrive where we are meant to be. There is a reason why Spirit has brought those torrential rains and floods to our villages,  we were facing something we couldn't clear ourselves. So they started with the rain. 

If you've read my my latest books or followed me for a while you know that Spirit showed me that we came from a world of water. All was water and we symbolically woosh out of the womb as a reminder of the woosh from that dimension into the flattened space. The dimensions are layered as as such,  we have built from that flat 1D, to the expanding 2D, and now into the exploratory 3D. We are in evolution as we are shifting into the 4D where we will understand better the fluidity of what we call time. Thus the water returns. 

To get to through this stasis there is a cleansing of air. Fires and smoke, starting with the big volcanic eruption when the volcano meets the water that I channeled in 'Celestial Spark' the Aquarius season before it happened. Thus is another form of cleansing.

As we are collectively rising the smoke carries our desires to the heavens,  breaking through the barrier that was placed around this "world bank" so that the helpers know we're ready. We have to release our attachments to this world and we have to clear the negative energetic imprint that has been accorded to our shift into the Age of Aquarius. She who brings back the water so that we can have that long process of reuniting with our divine yin or yang before moving ahead. 

The fire is the future when this world, long after we're gone, will experience a new dawn and the Emperor will unite this one world into a very different alchemy. The Ram came to me for the first time this month after my calling to it in the New Moon,  and took me to that volcano to understand that this transition is not to be feared. 

Let go of the fear, as the only trap is of your own creative yearning for home. Surrender to following the knowing that you're being provided for by a universal source greater than you could ever imagine.  It knows what is meant for you, to an even greater knowing than you'd ever have an ability to wish for. 

Back in 2011 before we moved into the next world Transmissions scientists saw an anomaly in space. Space magazine said, "A mysterious anomaly in space seen on two NASA probes that has caused scientists to question the laws of physics may  just be a trick of the light, a new study suggests." But what we were seeing was the beginning of the transmutation as the light started to pressurize our hearts for the journey ahead. I distinctly remember that timing as I was yet again facing something pivotal, and yet it was opening the passage to the reunion of my soul.

Now as we reenter Pluto in Capricorn energy we are reminded there were things from approximately 2008 that we didn't cleanse (cleanse up). You're already connected deeply with the Earth energy of all that lies beneath. Let the water and the smoke bring the cleansing back upward to clear ourselves and let the omniscient narrators craft the old into a new story as we move behind the stone (Old Earth) that was holding us like an anchor to a space no longer aligned to your frequency. 

The day is yours,  the new beginnings are here.


Barbara xx

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