Is This A Twin Flame Or A Soulmate Relationship?

By Barbara Christensen - 8:19 AM

Is This A Twin Flame Or A Soulmate Relationship? I Mindset Unicorn

Aha moment when working today with a friend. Let's talk about the true nature of twins. To feel unvalued on both sides in some manner is to trigger all of those implanted energies. So you can be assured that you will feel that after you have gone through the rush of emotions when you connect with your twin. When you are in a relationship of "equality" without the separation anxiety, that's more of a soulmate connection. That is not to say that you will not feel undervalued within a soulmate connection. You will when the connection has over lasted and you are now in a karmic relationship.

Within my own soulmate connection we rarely argue, but there's also no growth stimuli to move those spiritual energies forward. Soulmate relationships are a much more linear growth as an independent process than as a union. This is why we can heal from a soulmate, and will never heal from a twin flame. You are so deeply connected and so destined to work on those inner wounds to rise up together that when separated it is like leaving a deep part of your being somewhere else. How would you feel if you walked out the door and left your heart sitting on the table? With the soulmate you don't have that energetic pull when you go off to work, out with friends, or move on to the next connection. You can separate yourself from a soulmate and yet you never will separate from your twin.

Also, as such, you will never have the abundance within the soulmate relationship that the twin provides. You'll grow, independent, and because as individuals you have this choice in giving and receiving. Twins do not have that choice. Because of the connected energy when one rises, you both rise. When one connects, you both connect. You feel each other in a very special way. Even as you go through the day you can energetically connect and gain that support you need when in union. When out of union you may feel more of the lows as that is what you both energetically feel. That is why when you've connected with your twin and acknowledge it - you will never be the same.

Maybe this will help one person that is dealing with trying to understand that energy connection. It's not in your head - this feeling - it's in your heart chakra forever more.

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