The Planetary Twin Flame Alignment Awakening Souls

By Barbara Christensen - 6:59 PM

In my May Energy Awakening program I was discussing the current lunar and planetary phases in correlation to the global shift. But I also wanted to address what this energy is bringing forth as it is all about transformation of energy, for the possibilities of love and why we are seeing all of the energy in the current readings that I have been sharing on the daily general tarot love readings and extendeds in the Patreon membership.

Nodal binds throughout history have brought up the worst suffering of man, and yet at the end there is always a spike in divorce and separation which is very linked to the way the planets in the nodes are aligned, and what this does to the divine soul connections. Nodal binds are the way the planets are aligned, and as I discuss this month in the Energy Awakening webinar is how this can be associated with what we are seeing energetically through the planet, through ourselves, and what it may show about what we can expect going forward.

If we want to dig deeper and look at what it is creating in our love lives, we are here to learn lessons, and those lessons speed up during something as intense as what we are currently dealing with. This last month when Mercury turned direct on March 10th it started to move into this Princess of Swords energy of bringing new information into view. This retrograde moved through Pisces, which is Neptune's star sign mid-February. In this retrograde there was most likely a lot of Twin Flame separation and awareness. Mercury retrograde brings up things we need to work through, and keeps things hidden. All of sudden at the end of this last month it moved into this direct placement and suddenly everyone figures out what’s happening around them. Neptune also brings out that Knight energy of coming in all smooth energetically as exactly what you desire. Especially as Neptune has this sort of addictive energy, it could have felt as if you couldn't keep this person off your mind as you were triggering each other, making you feel even worse when down and more euphoric when joyful.

The Full Moon in Libra cleared our past timelines, as the Earth cleared hers. So as we are entering into April with this cleared space, think about the old demons, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. The sun and the moon created this oppositional t-square of the Sun and Moon to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction as Mars and Saturn created a square to Uranus. And then Venus the planet of love trines Saturn. With Jupiter as God/Enlightenment and Saturn the devil/Temptation, two sides of the same duality appear to be bringing the deeply connected soul into this light of duality where they suddenly may have felt this being pulled together in alignment. Jupiter with Pluto is this enlightenment of obsession that you are starting to feel with your twin flame. The energy of Mars (creating some war within) with Saturn's temptation shining the light on the ending of your past karmic contract brings a fight within as you struggle with the fears of giving up the past that you have just cleared, and moving forward into what you desire. Uranus loves to shake things up in the most unexpected ways. With the energy of Libra's Moon, and Libra's planet, Venus, all of that true love energy, is pushing even more onto the trine... the 3 of Swords energy to release the old karmic and move into the sacred union of divine masculine and divine feminine both within yourself and your twin flame relationship.

Jupiter has given you the enlightenment and even shown it in full force with it's energetic microscope. As we move through April Venus is communicating with Gemini, and it becomes this back and forth of emotions as you try to sort out what it is that you have moved into as Mars transitions in Aquarius until May 13. Love and war. The perfect twin flame war. This week Pluto will move into Retrograde with Capricorn, and the Tower and Death will take over creating major changes, rebirth and redesigns. You can expect a reingnighted and magnetic pull to your twin flame, and start working in partnership with each other for the highest good.

I expect this passionate reawakening of twin flames as we move into May through the end of June. For those in those "trine" relationships it may be followed by a deep separation and out of contact period from June 18th - July 12th as Mercury retrogrades into Cancer bringing up a lot of guilt about leaving this karmic energy in your past.

Again, don't give up because this energy is moving into a space of surrender for many as they realize that this is truly something magical that the universe has brought forward for their benefit. Again there is planetary alignment at play in a way that hasn't happened in 37 years, and it is now up to you to listen to your inner knowing, heart knowing and soul knowing to bring your twin to you for the sacred unity.

The one aspect of the planets that don't change, are your natal chart. When we look at the natal chart Twin Flame's will usually have opposite North.Node - South Node placements. My placement tells me that in my last life I ended thr path and with my Aries energy had to come right back to where I was to start again. My tf will have a placement of Libra, showing that they will spend this life trying to forgive the last life to let themselves love me openly again without fear of being abandoned.  They will also deal with struggles of balancing our which can show up in many ways. 

I know my tf and I last saw each other in our past life when they left to war. When they returned injured,  I was already gone. They lived for many more years with their injury until they succumbed and came into this life behind me. I once in the energy field viewed their higher self take then to talk to their past life self who told them it wasn't their fault and not to carry it. I didn't understand what I was seeing at the time, but I fully understand it now. 

I don't know if my tf will ever forgive me in this lifetime. I know I can't change time, but I do understand that I must heal my painful abandonment if I am to be whole enough for any relationship.  

I have written about how my daughter split herself in half to be here and drawn apart to bring me to thus place. She and her other half have sacrificed it all for me to learn this. I feel such great guilt and sadness for bringing her to this place. I hope in this life that they will have enough happiness to make up for it. I wish so much happiness to my daughter and to continue to find and drawn near what will make her happy and to heal. To be healthy, to feel well is what I wish for her. Every life feels longer than we think it will, but every life speeds through it quicker than we think. I wish for her and I 100 years of happiness,  health,  wealth and joy with ease. WEIP? 

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