A Societal Reset On Unrequited Love Is Not The End

By Barbara Christensen - 7:12 PM

A Societal Reset On Unrequited Love Is Not The End

We have come through into this very transformative time/space and if you can't feel what it is doing to the heart/mind ... I don't know who you are. For so many this requires ... and even demands when you have a pushy higher self ... to open up to your truth no matter what you want to hide. This is the time to open up and speak your truth. It's scary as it gets to do this in any situation, but the worst is in love energy. Love energy is that highest vibration and you want to be gentle with it, you want to put it in your pocket and keep it with you, but unrequited love isn't something that you hold onto because it will drag you into a space where you cannot move any further.

When you reach out, in the times of quarantine, you may not even be able to look to your divine masculine (DM) or divine feminine (DF) in the eyes... the door to the soul. You have reach out with your energetic self, hoping they feel the truth of what is inside of your heart space, and then wait to see if they respond in same. DM and DF are not gender specific, but there is always one in the relationship that is showing a stronger devotion to this energy. When you reach out via text, skype, facetime, email, it doesn't feel the same, because we think we need that close proximity. However, you do not. You will feel it, and feel it encompass you with whatever the response. In fact it may be easier if you are on lockdown in separate spaces because you won't have the next 30 - 60 days to be locked in the same space with that divide between you.

When you are in an unrequited love or twin flame separation, which may not be actually living in the quarantine in separate spaces, the response may be deadpan, lack luster, and exactly what you feared most. Rejection, resistance, separation. As you start to feel the emotions, you will feel this in your body in a slow movement. It will start in your heart chakra where you feel first the pain of separation and then just empty. Then you will feel it in your sacral chakra, first the pain of separation again, and then the emptiness.

Instead of looking at that emptiness from the view point of the 3rd Dimensional Being, look at what it truly is. This is a space that has opened up for your benefit to allow something greater to be created. It's okay to feel it, put on that "Ocean Eyes" cover by Machine Gun Kelly and feel all of it. However realize that now you have been given the opportunity to align the rest of your chakra system to a higher creative vibration and send that out in the universe to manifest what you are deserving of - someone that gives back to you fully in equal give and receiving. Your person may come back to you when they align to that energy, and they may not allowing something even greater to move into your life. The key is to realize that speaking your truth, especially now in this time of reset for the entire global collective, is the secret to coming into the happiness and love you desire, and deserve.

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