Elevate Into Your Highest Vibration

By Barbara Christensen - 5:45 PM

Intuitive Tarot Reading / Tarot Reader IG @ MindsetUnicorn No matter what brings you to this space, twin flame relationship, trying to sort out your relationship emotions, desire for a new start in love... now is the time that we are being guided (chariot tarot energy here) to rise into our highest vibration - that of love. As an intuitive healer, I knew that it was time for me to open this channel as I approached my year anniversary of my own transcendence awakening (or leveling up as the energy has transmuted so much of the past). As I have moved through this energetic shift of the last year with the rest of the world, it is more and more apparent that if you are not listening to your inner and highest self with an open heart, you are blocking yourself out of the new Earth paradigm. We are opening up a new quantum pathway, that requires our highest vibrations to be aligned to love. As I continue forward with what may seem to be simple tarot love readings, this is actually offering hope for your own transcendence into a space you are meant to be in to achieve your soul purpose in this lifetime. May we all move into this love energy, this OM vibration and this quantum space energetically together! Barbara xx

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