Channeled Messages For Love : The Highest Source of All Vibrations

By Barbara Christensen - 4:01 PM

Channelled Messages For Love : The Highest Source of All Vibrations

I was talking to my friend today. She just returned from Kenya, and is quarantined from her children, mother, and husband for the next two weeks. Imagine being away from family for so long while all of this is going on and then not being able to hug them when you returned.

This is a similar energy to what I have felt so many going through. You are not with the one you love, not because of anything other than false belief that you are creating from desiring CONTROL.

I told my friend that I felt that this virus was happening via the Earth because we are not doing what we need as a human race. Not just to take care of the world, but to live in our truth. This is a transformation I am seeing happening to us all, and that now is the time to be in the truth of what you truly desire.

For those that don't shift in this time, I believe this is why Sylvia Browne saw this virus coming back again. People that are getting it are going to make huge changes in this life because they will finally realize that what is the truth is what is in our hearts. Those that don't take this chance will be reminded again.

Barbara xx


Love is the highest power of all and we chase after if we desire completion. However the complexity of love is that we have come from it, it surrounds us, and we still don't always acknowledge it when it is right there in our hearts. We look for ego related benefactors to keep us busy because we are fearful of being within that true love energy. Now is when we are being pushed into transformation and the knowing of where we are in this space. You know - right now -if you are in a space of truth and love or not.

What we are being shown right now is that the truth is all that matters. Measure of who you are is this being - you of the light, the love or the dark, the lies. The light is love and the lies are ego.

Your ego is the least vibrational energy in this world other than the vibration of disease, because ego is as far as we can get from our truth. Not one of us is free of the pressure that ego puts on your choices. Ego leans into your desires and being a human is filled with emotional vibrations ... you are easily distracted with these emotional shocks of hate, envy, it is conjuring the next emotional rise up of monsters to take over what you believe is the next step to your happiness.

Money is a huge creator of monsters because money creates what we see as stability, but it is really beyond a stability when we think about the amount that quantifies joy. Science has show that beyond a stable amount of money you will not create an equal amount of increased happiness, and rather when we are egocentrically magnetized by the low vibration of chasing money over love, it strokes your ego and you create empty spaces where love should reside. Love creates more stability than money does, and how many of us are accepting of love when it feels like it is tearing apart our sense of stability because we are fearful of how it will impact the material creation of life that we have come to sense as the truth of living. Are you living in this space of the current world fearful of losing money or fearful of losing love?

We come into this life seeking love. We leave this life cherishing the love that we have embraced.
It is not about anything more, or anything less.

When we talk about finding a soul mate, or your twin flame, sacred union, perfection combination of masculine and feminine energetic flow... that flame is the vibration of the highest source of love (God) in the 3D reality. We recognize it in our souls, and it calls to us. When it calls to you - if you are serving your highest good, and the highest good of all universal energy - let it in. Feel the vibration and let it resonate within you as it was meant to. This is the connection inside of your energetic cellular self accelerating in a way to bring you to your soul purpose in this lifetime. We cannot create as we are meant to without the tornadoes of love vibrating within us.

Sadness is created in both the searching for this love, and the choice when we have walked away from it and allowed ego to be in control for yet another lifetime. There is only one spark to light your way, and that is love. Let it come to you and live with it as your every day.

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