Do you want to eat irradiated foods?

By Barbara Christensen - 9:10 PM

Do you want to eat irradiated foods? I Join Epicure USA & Canada

Very important to understand with the spices you are buying being irradiated. What are you doing to your body and the next generation?

Tonight my husband was meal prepping with the #nongmo, #glutenfree, #nutfree and #kosher spices we just got in our kit. I could make the souvlaki with coconut Greek yogurt and lentils to be vegan, and the way it smelled I may one of these days soon. While he was cooking I was talking him through it and drinking fresh cold-pressed greens. 💚

If you have been into natural living for a bit you know that radiation damages, decreases food value and ineffectiveness and our food (especially our plants) just don't need it.
Why does it matter if your supplements or spices are #irradiated? (PS our silicone can be placed in the oven to 425° even though microwaves today use sound waves and not radiation)

Alive says

One radiation absorbed dose, or RAD, represents the amount of radiation absorbed by a person from one X-ray. The amount of radiation used on products is measured in kiloGrays. One kiloGray (kG) equals 100,000 RADs. Most fresh foods receive a dosage of one kG, meats up to seven kG, while herbs, spices and medical supplies are bombarded with 30 kG–10,000 times the lethal dose of 50 percent of the human population!
The larger the genetic structure of unwanted organisms, the more susceptible they are to irradiation. Fungi and parasites are more susceptible than bacteria, which in turn are more susceptible than viruses. Most unwanted organisms, including salmonella and E. coli 0157, die at levels ranging from 140–600 RADs, making it unclear why herbs and spices require three million RADs. Prions, the organisms responsible for mad cow disease, are resistant at dosages used for irradiating food!
During irradiation, cell membranes and DNA strands within microbes are broken. Chromosomes mutate when the broken shards recombine. There are no studies available on the effects of consuming large amounts of mutated microorganisms over time on the microbiology of the human digestive system or on the resulting human physiology.
Irradiation does not eliminate all bacteria. Some are not affected by dosage levels used on foods. 
These include the botulism-causing Clostridium and Deinococcus radiodurans, which actually repairs its own DNA after exposure. Surviving bacteria pose a concern because they inevitably produce resistant generations until irradiation becomes an ineffective method of sterility. 

So if we just focus in on the free radicals, that is why I take my berry supplements every day. Free radicals is just us rusting form the inside out, and mutating cells which can be the start of cancer. Carcinogens including formaldehyde, benzene and lipid peroxides are formed as free radicals. Free radicals combine with pesticides and food additives to form new chemicals called “unknown radiolytic compounds” ... which how scary does that sound? There is no data on the long-term effects of these newly-produced chemicals. Zero.

Do you want to eat irradiated foods? I Epicure USA & Canada Spices

 So of course, using non-irradiated spices is very important to my life. Even better that they are non-gmo, gluten-free, nut-free and smell amazing!!

My husband modified this easy chicken souvlaki recipe to include poblano instead of bell peppers due to his allergy. He used pasture raised chicken, organic whole milk yogurt, and these non-irradiated spices that we have fallen in love with! He doubled the four serving recipes so it took him 20 minutes to cook. But he was able to have eight servings, two for today for lunch for he and my daughter, and the other six to split between his week of lunches.

That is what I love about this company that I have found, really good food that is fast to make. The amount it would cost for him to eat out at work would be too much in the current marketplace. Plus I have many other things I would rather spend that hard earned cash on than fast food. I want him healthy, because we have a lot of years left raising kids and traveling before we can be old and retired.

Join us as we meal prep our way through these amazing recipes, and move into the September Epic Life Challenge. Just six weeks to go and then 90 days to make 2019 end with many amazing recipes.

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