Joy Fit Motherhood Life

By Barbara Christensen - 5:12 PM
Seven years ago I was hopped up on fitness ... Then they changed their shake ingredients, the detox kit ingredients, stopped caring about the people. However without this part of my life I would not have become certified in fitness, and nutrition, and aromatherapy. I would not have been sparked in the way I am to be so skeptical of ingredients. It opened a door to another possibility. It opened the door to becoming an amazing holistic coach. I have the best friends from this time perios, that are there for life!! Still I would not want to go backyards, but I am hosting on heading forward. Now I am working towards dreams instead of feeling like I don't compare. I feel better than I ever did, and my paychecks are bigger than they ever were. When you find something that lets you be you without any is bliss!! #NourishedWarriors #wholefoods #magic
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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