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By Barbara Christensen - 9:54 AM
Drinking my celery juice which is much needed. Had some #harmonic energy work done on my hands yesterday, and it seems to have let many areas of healing start to take place. I have been returning loads of energy back to the senders, and asking lots of questions. However it is still somewhat painful at times. Have you ever heard of doxorubicine? It is a type of #chemotherapy drug. In research studies #celery roots and leaves juices influenced the examined biochemical parameters and showed protective effects when applied with doxorubicine. How cool is that!? So whatever I am dealing with in my energy body, this cannot be anything less than beneficial. I have some coconut yogurt and pomegranate seeds for after I am done. Since other studies show thst #pomegranate helps to expedite healing, #weip 😍 #empath #energyhealing #kundalini #clearing
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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