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By Barbara Christensen - 2:29 PM
Find a little space in a few hours and lets connect. There is nothing that says you cannot be happy with where you are today, or happy with your body. I believe that we blame our bodies when in reality they are just along for the ride. It's all a mental and emotional journey. #Wellness is a sense of balance or imbalance between family, financial, relationship, happiness, career, dreams...a life that makes us really feeling aligned is what it is all about. It’s time to move in a direction that gives you total alignment in life! I want to share with you that something that has impacting my life for the past several years. Yes, it's part nutrition line that’s going to rock your health {and wellness practice} but it's also a tribe that’s going to rock your world! So what’s this #abundance? My #tribe is filled with amazing wellness mamas, and gurus, and healers, and dudes.. yes dudes... in the number one growing industry... YOU. You feeling well. You feeling FREEDOM! I found that once I let go of superfood fads and trends, and opened myself up to something simple, not only did it work for my family, but several friends stepped out and took center stage in their own lives because of this. So of course I was hooked! An #opportunity to heal more, earn more, and live more.  I’ll never quit working with my clients, but who wants to live that hustle and bustle forever. I don’t want to have to squeeze people into my life, I want to open the doors and bring them into the inner tribe. I want to increase the amount of people we are healing vertically. I want wellness to be global, because we all deserve to feel it. Find a space where you can listen for a few minutes tonight, and learn about this Freedom Revolution. Link in bio. #mompreneur #wellnesslife #vegan #glutenfree #joyofnourishment
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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