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By Barbara Christensen - 3:12 PM
One of my #homeschoolers fav classes is the outdoor class learning called Earth Skills. A few weeks ago they gathered up some Pine leaves and made some tea. Pine Needle Tea contains 4-5 times the Vitamin C of your fresh-squeezed orange juice. It is also high in Vitamin A which is so fantastic. Be aware that some sources say all pines could potentially cause abortion when ingested. Apparently this was a Vet study on cows and they were eating pounds of pine needles. Some people may have some issues with having a pine allergy. My daughter has some tree allergies, but had no problem with pine needle tea. ☕ Wild Edibles says to heat 1/2 cup of needles to 3 cups water, but not to boil. "Make sure not to boil the pine needles in order to preserve the vitamin C and prevent the release of bitter terpenes. Vitamin C doesn't last long, so drink this tea as soon as possible." Today they finished building a fort, checked out a dead squirrel and buried it. Does it really get any better than that for a tween?? ☺
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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