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By Barbara Christensen - 5:38 PM
#Venu... I always felt connected to the flute, even though I wanted to play the drums when I was my daughter's age. Flute used in South #India has nine holes. It represents the human body with nine “openings” namely, nostril (1), mouth (1), skin (1), eyes (2), ears (2), two for excretion. Flute is hollow to represent the human being who is free of ego and arrogance. It represents human being with humility.  Beautiful ... The flute represents us. He is always holding the #flute (us) in his hands. If He is to play His Divine music through us, we have to get rid of our ego, become humble, and let Him play His music through us. I think it is a recommended vision regardless of your spirituality. #travelstories
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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