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By Barbara Christensen - 5:08 PM
If you are looking at the wrong targets, business can start to feel really complicated. You want the success... You want to feel the money 💰 in a sexy, expansive sort of way. You want to feel the serendipitous growth... And yet you don't believe in it. Biggest kicker in making it, right there kicking you square in the teeth. If you could break it down into just three parts of this business breakdown, I would call it people, process and technology. That is what business boils down to in daily body processes. However you're stuck in this emotionally lucid energy field...called being you. I'm going to break this down with my warriors in the first 90 days of 2018 to make an adventure in awareness, and brilliance...and lets throw in some radiant beauty, happiness and a whole lot of abundance... I'll take some of that!! #NourishedWarriors #bijacoaching #target #businessjoy #coaching #smallbusiness #socialmedia #truth #divine #growth #light #2018
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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