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By Barbara Christensen - 6:26 AM
My #metoo when I had big #rocker hair was when trying to meet the band #defleppard at age 17 with two 14 or 15 year old girls in Salt Lake City that I had met outside of the arena. The Tour Manager and who I am guessing was the Security Manager due to his size asked us if we'd like to meet the band and get back stage passes. Well of course, who wouldn't. They told us to meet them at the hotel and they'd take us to meet them. Later we met the manager and another guy and headed upstairs with the them. As we got off the elevator the manager told me to come with him to get our passes and the girls could stay to wait for the band. Some guy and the girls went the other direction..As we were walking away I looked back and saw the girls entering a room full of guys with the security manager naked and the bells started ringing in my head and my heart raced. I don't know to this day what happened to them, we never talked after that day. The anal assault that happened to me was devastating. I kept it to myself because of the shame, and because as I got older I realized that those abuses happened all the time. And in the 80s it was almost glorified that these crew members and sometimes the bands were sexually without laws. I feel horrible for all the young girls these guys must have damaged throughout their tours. I guarantee we looked underage... I still don't look my age. And I guarantee we weren't the only ones. I didn't go to that concert. I rode the bus home and cried. I never listened to a Def Leopard song again...never. Like Hollywood, not all bands nor all road crews were like this. But there's no room for even one. And yet from the news these things are still happening. We need to stand together, strong and fight for those that will not speak. There is only a few people that I ever told this story to...but I release it's hold on me today for ever more. Anywhere it tries to get in my head, take away my strength, make me feel less than or believe it was my fault... I destroy and uncreate it times a Godzillion. #rwgba9sbb #speak #truth #wematter
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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