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By Barbara Christensen - 1:44 PM
You survived the last year. Inhale the best, release the rest!" ... The perfect moment of zen for me ... a juicy green smoothie. My daily vegan smoothie is my biggest non-negotiable for maintaining a wellness approach to my diet, while I'm following the Paleo Vegeo gluten-free, reduced sugar protocol right now. My one group is doing a 10 day quick cleanse of those inflammatory foods. My second group is doing my MOVEMBER program, and my third group is focused on the W30 or Nourished In 30 approach...however truth be told it really is all the same. No dairy, no gluten, ditch the over processed junk, drink lots of water and get off the couch. I am so grateful that I have support at home and from friends, and for the most delicious vegan protein on the market, because I have tried so many non-vegan or chalky, chemical tasting proteins... as I am sure you have too! Why haven't you tried the Plant Protein I have recommender at yet? Why haven't you joined my tribe?? What are you most afraid of?
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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