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By Barbara Christensen - 1:46 PM
The look when you come into the building to pick up your child for lunch, start coughing and look in the science class and see that there's still balloons in there. (#latexallergy) Last week they did balloon experiments and the Principal came in and had remove my daughter and the teacher said, "I didn't know (latex) balloons were latex." So today I told the front desk and the office manager rolled her eyes at the fact that after last week they were still there. She went in and cleaned it up. I went and talked to the science teacher. She says, "Well if I'm using them for another class (on a different day) what do I do with them?" My response "Clean up, wipe everything down and let the classroom have enough time to clear out or use latex-free options." I don't think it is polite to type what I wanted to say. Especially since I could buy my mom a used car for the cost of said science class. This teacher has great references... But I don't think she quite has a clue. Nice but living in her own little bubble. #sigh #peopledontgetit #allergies
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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