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By Barbara Christensen - 2:25 PM
Ready to hit some goals this summer? While it’s easy to ignore the odd ache or twinge, it’s important to look after your joints they’ll help you stay supple for longer. A mix of #herbalremedies, diet and massage will help strengthen your body while increasing flexibility. Gentle #exercise, such as walking, #swimming, #yoga and pilates help to keep you active. Use stimulating #Arnica Salve from before and after exercise to help strengthen and protect your body. First thing in the morning when you’re planning an active day, get ready by massaging the salve and then before bed to help prepare the body and ease over-exertion. Don't forget a diet rich in plant-based #omegas and vibrant #veggies helps keep aches at bay. I can't wait until Fall formy new fav #vegan omegas to launch globally.
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