Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

By Barbara Christensen - 9:41 AM

Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

If you have a baby at home, it is hard to get away and exercise on your own. You might also not want to leave your baby with someone else just so you can go for a run or head to the gym. However, that just means you need to find exercises to do with your baby, and there are plenty to choose from.

One workout you can do with your baby is a wall sit. This is really good to do when you have a fussy baby, such as from teething, who wants you to hold her. You can hold onto her while still getting in a good workout. All you need to do is hold onto your baby by placing her in front of you, then standing up against a wall in your home. Bend your knees and move down the wall until you are in a sitting position. Hold that for several seconds, then go back up. Complete it for a few reps or until you’re too tired! The weight of your baby further adds to this workout.

Want to have a little fun with your baby? Get up and dance with your child! This allows you and your baby to have some quality time together and de-stress a little. Babies love to dance when in mom’s arms, and you benefit by burning some extra calories too. This can be something just you and baby do, or you can gather the family together, including your older kids and your spouse and have a fun dance party in the living room.

Mommy and Me Yoga is a favorite. There are also special fitness classes specifically designed for you to do with your baby. These allow you to go to a fitness class while also spending some quality time with your baby. A popular one is a mommy and me yoga class. You will be with other moms and their babies, so it is also a great way to meet other moms with babies around the same age. It can become a nice bonding session for you and your baby.

Tummy time workouts are essential. When your baby is doing tummy time, this is a good opportunity for you to fit in some workouts. You can sit down on the floor with your baby and do yoga and Pilates while he does tummy time. You can also lay on your tummy and face your baby so that he knows you are there, and use that as a time to work out your legs and glutes. Perhaps you want to lay on your back next to your baby and do your crunches. There are tons of things you can do during tummy time.

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