Joy Fit Motherhood Life

By Barbara Christensen - 10:31 AM
I know as we're taking our break I realize that even though I am sharing amazing recipes and resources every day with my #Paleo #Vegan friends, I still keep my distance from connecting with others on a personal level. I am releasing that negative energy and opening myself up to being open. When you have been betrayed your heart closes off. I don't want to close a door and miss a connection for life long friendship. It took me years to connect with @motherhoodonfire and she 8s awesome!! Same with @livelysiren and so many others... Side note... Don't be intimidated by strong women. You see in them your mirror image andtogether you will change the world!! Please be open to sharing your soul purpose with me and others. Lets make this a vibrationally awesome life❤
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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