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By Barbara Christensen - 6:02 PM
I may have started with lemon sorbet a little early... Camouflaging post-meal bloat is one of the many benefits of elastic waistbands. WHowever they aren't very fashion forward. While elastic pants probably aren't the sexiest staple in your closet, they can certainly bring comfort in a time of need. I always travel with at least one pair just in case. Thankfully I usually don't have to worry too much. Instead of fretting about just how far that elastic is willing to stretch, wouldn't it be nice to find the cause of your bloating, gassy or irritable bowels? My IBS when I was younger was horrible!! I finally found peppermint essential oil to help. Some research shows that a lack of digestive enzymes might be the culprit for your bloated belly, and that's why I use a digestive blend along with my whole foods and natural enzymes. If you know this feeling... you should give it a try. Remember that sugar break down leads to gas and bloating. Maybe next time I will add some lemon to coconut yogurt and then freeze it. #naturalenzymes #nomorebloat #LifeEssentially #sugaraddict #workingonit #treatmeal
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