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By Barbara Christensen - 3:45 PM
Do you have a little brain fog?? Maybe you need support to detoxify your brain especially in regards to emotions that tax our system. And importantly, your brain is dependent on sleep to detoxify. Is there a reason why moms and dads are always so sluggish in the brainy department when we're not getting enough sleep? Topically applied essential oils can play a huge role in helping the brain detoxify during sleep. Your brain is comprised primarily of fat and essential oils are fat soluable so they easily penetrate and assimilate into our system.A few of my favorite #essentialoils are: ★Douglas Fir : Can stimulate the heart and as a calming oil it helps reduce stress and promotes restful sleep. ★Grapefruit : On emotional and spiritual levels, grapefruit is said to address a person’s self-acceptance and release self-abuse patterns. ★Lavender : One of the top oils to treat insomnia. It balances mood swings and reduces stress and tension. It is calming in small amounts. ★Geranium : This oil is calming and uplifting. It helps soothe anxiety and stress... So consoling, It helps alleviate acute fear and extreme moodiness. It can help you work on your self-esteem. #aromabenefits #certifiedaromatherapist
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