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By Barbara Christensen - 12:48 AM
#Basil... how much do you love it? I love to take my fresh basil, and make up some hemp seed pesto. LOVE!! As an #essentialoil it's one of my most recommended for helping us through those stressed out moments, including a drop internally to provide soothing support when I don't have any #maca in the pantry. In cooking it is amazingly warm and spicy. Just a rub and inhalation can help me focus in the middle of the afternoon. So many uses. But it's one of those oils I almost always recommend is diluted for those of us with sensitive skin, and so always for children or others who need that extra level of safety. It's main chemical components includes eucalyptol, which would put this on the 'avoid if prone to seizures' list. #aromatherapist #naturalmama #LifeEssentially
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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