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By Barbara Christensen - 7:41 PM
Love this!! Time to get #woke? The Rooster is crowing, sounding the alarm for us all to get alert and aware. Tend to your nest and lean heavily into natural wellness. This year is composed of “Fire Rooster” year, “Water Tiger” month, “Metal Rooster” day, “Metal Rat” hour. Think about that... fire, wood, oxygen, water, metal, fiercely roaring and crowing! Looking at my year ahead the horoscopes say: Monkeys may see monetary improvement. (woo-hoo!) An illness sign may make you prone to colds and flu. (Have my whole foods and natural remedies) At work, a promotion may be on the horizon. You may also start a new business. WORK You are drawn towards the healing sector, such as medicine or pharmacy. (Hahahaha) Business and finance management are also good choices. Work in the child care sector could also fare well for you.(homeschool much?) WEALTH Your financial situation is good. A promotion is on the horizon, if you are an employee. If you are self-employed, now is a good time to expand your business.(Looking for Nourished Warriors) RELATIONS Your love life is unstable. There will be arguments. Take a step back to avoid confrontation. (he is cranky... that's why I love him) ❤🐓🐒🌞 #chinesenewyear #rooster #2017 #lookforward #manifest #wecandobetter #mamawholewellness #healer
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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