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By Barbara Christensen - 5:32 AM
This woman seven years ago had some brilliance to share... Sometimes a task becomes the most daunting, only because it holds the most answers. I have been there and through it. I have taken on my genetics and am winning the battle not just for myself but for those generations five years beyond myself. I say five because I didn't have a clue to the amount of power that nutrients have on our epigenetics. I was just at the cusp of learning when I had my daughter. So she is the hope for the next group of generations to come. Five years or less if we follow the research on completely destroying a generations ability to reproduce. I believe that it's less. We aren't as able to reduce toxic load as the cats in the study. And then they say four years to reverse. What you do today nutritionally is epic in terms of your legacy. That's why I am so whole heartedly joyous every time I add a free child's order to a customer's encapsulated whole food order. Are you ready to take on the fight to heal your children's legacy? #organicsmatter #wholefoods #epigentics #timeforchange #mamawholewwellness
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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