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By Barbara Christensen - 10:18 AM
When you tell someone that they can change their cravings, it's almost not believable. Because for them, in that moment...It's all they can focus on. It's a reaction of the mind. I still have to go take photos but the weigh in is done. I gained almost a pound and a half over the holiday weekend, and I take full accountability for that. So now it's time to really crack down. I am still four pounds less than when the Christmas season started in thanks to following the correct nutriion. Like realizing that my turmeric when combined with #spirulina and #chlorella is like a wellness bomb for my autoimmune issues. We have to listen to our bodies. Another thing I realized is that my body reacts to not getting enough greens. It gets sad. So I will be making full use of my tower garden. I realized I was craving them, it's just that the melted dark chocolate was winning the other night are you feeling today? #JanuaryJumpstart #Shred10 #newgoals #craveit #2017 #mamawholewellness
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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