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By Barbara Christensen - 8:20 PM
There's a lot of grieving as you learn about why you've had the #fertility issues and yet some gratitude that you were blessed with your sweetie because so many aren't. I feel a bit of joy and a tinge of envy every time I hear that another of my customers had been blessed with a surprise bundle after starting on the whole foods capsules. With my autoimmune issues, and mutation issues, hole in my heart, etc etc there's little chance even now that I would have had another successful pregnancy, or lived.through it. So here's hoping for many blessed surprises foe others that I can cuddle and enjoy. I am grateful for life! ❤ And the sweet girl watching Harry Potter with me on a cold snowy night. #mamawholewellness #educateyourself #nutritionalpractitioner #lovebabytoes
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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